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Changing perceptions… from the wardrobe up?

Given that it’s 4 days to Christmas, I was sipping some egg nog, going through the news when I came across something a little amusing.  And it had a small marketing moral to boot.  Thought I’d share it. UBS… back in the news It’s been a rough couple years for poor UBS. Back in 2008, […]


Baby ducks and your prospects

In 1935, Austrian zoologist and animal psychologist Konrad Lorenz posited the idea of “imprinting” as a learning process in the animal kingdom. His most famous experiment was with a brood of newly hatched baby ducks. Shortly after they hatched, he stood in front of them and imitated a mother duck’s quacking sound.  The ducklings saw […]


It ain’t about the economy — it’s all about this…

I was working on a project for a client the other day, when I was stopped dead in my tracks by two amazing headlines. What got me so excited about them wasn’t necessarily the news they were announcing.  That was part of it – but there was more.  What made them so incredibly revealing to […]

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