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It ain’t about the economy — it’s all about this…

I was working on a project for a client the other day, when I was stopped dead in my tracks by two amazing headlines. What got me so excited about them wasn’t necessarily the news they were announcing.  That was part of it – but there was more.  What made them so incredibly revealing to […]


Case Study: Even Disney can bomb when they don’t listen

What happens when you sell a horse racing movie to a crowd of Christians?


Knowledge part 2: Image vs Perception… What are they thinking?

What did Andre Agassi say when he was doing those camera commercials back in the 80’s? Oh yeah… “Image is everything.” And thanks to his “hairpiece revelation” in his autobiography and on “60 Minutes,” I think we can safely say it was a motto he took to heart. So Andre went all out building and […]

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