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Do you have a “Top 1” list?

Fifteen days left in 2010 (if my math is right.)  Where does the time go? Actually, one of the things I rather enjoy about the end of the year are all those “Top (fill in the number) of the Year” lists. Top ten best bank stocks, the top 15 new tech gizmos, Top 20 feet […]


Two numbers that can make or break your marketing

Who’s read Atlas Shrugged?  Raise your hands.  It’s a great book.  It is a little intimidating though.  All of 1200 pages.  Nearly 4 pounds (and that’s the paperback!)  Lots of long sentences in long paragraphs on densely packed pages of words.  (It definitely ain’t Dan Brown.) Just reading something like Atlas Shrugged is a challenge […]


The big drawback of social media

Last post, I mentioned that there was somewhere between 45 and 70 million prospective clients desperately in need of your services. (I rounded a little on the math.) But my gist was that Generations X and Y were were looking at a bleak financial future if they didn’t get professional help. In fact, I’m going […]

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