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Babe Ruth, the Supreme Court and Your Personal Brand

I hope I make it to 90.  If I do, I’m definitely gonna shoot for 100.  No sense in thinking small.  You make it to that age and you end up with some stories to tell. That was the case with a certain 90-year-old I saw interviewed on “60 Minutes” a couple weeks back.


Are you Iron Man?

I seem to be on kind of a hero thing recently. So what the hell. How about let’s build your own superhero brand.


Content: The only two things your “brand” absolutely must do

Sometimes I rant a little too much about “brand” marketing.  About how brand-centric marketing is a big, huge mistake and a waste of money.  You might get the idea I have no regard for it whatsoever. Not true. Your brand is important – actually very important.  Especially in terms of how you deliver of your […]

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