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How to get started right away…

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Getting it done for you...

If you’re interested in getting more out of this one of a kind approach to your market, I offer two services that will help put you on the “Perception Architecture”fast-track.

“Perception Architecture” Content Audit

The fastest way to get your marketing content up to speed.  It’s simple:  You send me one piece of your current marketing material (be it a brochure, a sales letter, even a section of your web site) and answer a couple brief questions.  I take it from there and give you a complete review of your content.  You’ll get:

  • A pdf’ed report that will show you the specific strengths and weaknesses in your current material.  You’ll get a complete with summary comments, explanations (why I’m telling you what I’m telling you), and even copy suggestions you can use right away.
  • Strategic applications for how you can leverage the marketing materials you already have.  A few minor tweaks and your marketing could be doing double- or even triple-duty.  And they’re things you can most likely implement immediately.
  • Plus we’ll schedule a 20 minute phone session to discuss it all and answer your questions.

To get started drop me an email at chuck [at] impact-copy [dot] com. Tell me you’re interested in a content audit, and I’ll get you all the details.

“Perception Architecture” Diagnostic Evaluation

This is a much more in depth diagnostic process.  It’s designed to give you answers.  Answers to marketing questions most financial pros simply don’t know to ask.  Answers that will let you get more out of your marketing effort, save you time and frustration contacting cold prospects, increase your overall productivity, and ultimately grow you a booming successful practice.

When you take advantage of a diagnostic evaluation, you’ll begin to…

  • Peel back the layers of your market’s psyche and discover the biases underneath them. Biases that are the keys to creating their perceptions about you and your services…
  • Discover how to attract not only more clients — but better clients — more ideal clients.  Build a client base that can actually make your job easier and make you more productive…
  • Understand their motivations that will let you make more compelling product offers… and give you clearer insights into the technologies and services that will make you irreplaceable in their lives…
  • Bond more tightly with your herd to keep them with you through almost any market turbulence – whether it be another market decline, a potential period of lower returns or even market anomalies like the “flash crash”…
  • Understand which tactics work best for you and start developing strategies and plans for executing your next client campaign

If you’d like more information this service or if you’re ready to make the commitment to your reaching your market at a new level, contact me about scheduling a spot today.

Drop me an email at: Chuck [at] Impact-Copy [dot] com

And I’ll get back to you to get started as soon as possible.