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Content: The right way to scare your market

In the continuing spirit of the upcoming spooky season, I thought I’d stay on this week’s theme. That’s why I want to share a few thoughts on . . . FEAR and GREED baby! Well, fear anyway. A lot of financial professionals believe that when it comes to marketing, these are really the only two […]


Scary news about client satisfaction. . .

. . .and a frighteningly simple solution. J.D. Powers recently released their “U. S. Small Business Banking Satisfaction Study.” A lot of the information it revealed was pretty scary. And what was scarier?  How simple it was to avoid all the trouble they talked about. Given that it’s Halloween week, I thought I’d share some […]


Case Study: Even Disney can bomb when they don’t listen

What happens when you sell a horse racing movie to a crowd of Christians?

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