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Build Your Dream Practice in the New Economy using “Perception Architecture”

It’s a whole new ballgame for financial professionals today.

And how you handle two challenges in particular could be the difference between struggling along and breaking out to become a leader in this new investing landscape.

Challenge #1:

The Biggest Loss in the New Economy Wasn’t Financial…

When the financial crisis hit the markets in late 2007, it turned investing – as nearly everyone knew it – on its head. It saddled people everywhere with financial challenges.  Challenges many of them have never known in their entire lives.

In years that followed, a lot of wealth, savings and security was lost.

But something way more important also became a casualty of this crisis


Trust is the basis of every fiduciary agreement.  And I’m sure you work hard to build and maintain it.

But today, I think you’ll agree, that trust has taken a big hit.

Some people think Washington can fix the problem. With an approval rating averaging below 30 percent, I think Congressional solutions have a ways to go.

The reality is, it’s up to you to rebuild and extend that trust with your current “herd” and prospective clients.

But to get that done, you’ve got to face a second challenge…

Challenge #2:

Rebuilding Trust in a Sea of “TMI”

Today all we’re faced with the challenge of “TMI” — Too Much Information.  We’re bombarded with a hundred times more information than we were just 10 short years ago. This  assault on our senses has decreased attention spans dramatically.

And it gets worse. The problem of “Too Much Information” is compounded by “Too Much Sameness.”  A 1-2 combination that makes people just tune out.

But all is not lost. You can overcome these challenges and become a leader in your market.

“Out of every adversity comes an equal or greater opportunity.”
– Napoleon Hill

It’s during uncertain times exactly like these, people will actively seek out experts’ guidance. That is, if they can find them.  And if they believe they can trust them.

Can your prospects see you? Or are you being drowned in that sea of sameness, missing what might be the greatest business building opportunity in your lifetime?

“Perception Architecture” — More Than Just Marketing

My name is Chuck Dolce and I’m president of  Impact Marketing Solutions. I’m also the only working “Perception Architect” dedicated to financial professionals.

If you talk to clients about their money… If you advise, consult, recommend, invest or strategize for people who look to you for expert guidance, protection and care, then you should talk to me. Why?

My goal is to help serious financial professionals connect with their market and rebuild a bridge of trust — one even stronger than before.  To get more and better clients.  To take a leadership position in your industry.

How?  With an approach I call “Perception Architecture.”

What’s “Perception Architecture”?   How about what it’s not?

It’s not about writing ads, slogans or tag lines.  Those are marketing ideas from a different day and age.

Rather, it’s a process of reaching out to your prospects.  About designing and constructing a perception — an understanding within your prospect’s mind — about you and the value you deliver.

That may sound a little confusing — but it’s not rocket science.

Simply put, it can help you grow your practice with your ideal clients. But you have to be serious.

  • Only if you have the resolve and willingness to take action and implement steps to shatter the walls of sameness surrounding you.
  • Only if you are willing to stand out from the crowd and grab your prospective clients’ attention and tell them that you are the solution to their problems.
  • Only if you are willing to acknowledge that a new relationship between adviser and client is emerging; understand the true weight of that relationship; and only if you are willing to accept that responsibility…

…then this might well be the greatest opportunity your practice will ever know. But that can only happen if you’re willing to take action.

Today, the financial success you give your clients will come back to you in multiples.

If you’re ready, I can show you how.

Your Ultimate Resource for
Hitting the Perception Bulls-eye in Your Prospect’s Mind

If you’re using the same marketing tactics you were 3 years ago… I promise you, they’re not working.

This site is designed to help you shift gears and move into the passing lane.  It’s a resource for ideas, techniques and strategies that will get you in your prospect’s head and deliver the message they want to hear.

If you’re here, that’s what you’re looking to do.

Now here’s your warning.  There’s no magic pills here.  If you’re looking for a genie in a bottle, he ain’t coming.  Marketing is work.

But I can promise you when executed  properly, the amount of effort will seem trivial relative to the long-term rewards it will generate down the road.

So what’s next?

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Thanks for visiting.  And one more thing.

Nothing happens until you take some action.  Get started now…